Due to the changing seed market toward feminized and autoflowering strains, Sagarmatha aswell as many of the Dutch seed companies have had to follow the trend. Most seed companies including Sagarmatha, buys these strains from a handful of suppliers that provide customized and generic feminized/auto flowering products. Companies usually submit material to be used by these suppliers for making custom orders and suppliers also use thier own material for research and development.

Sagarmatha tests every seed variety from its suppliers however it does not test every single batch of seeds purchased from suppliers. For example if we order Yumboldt feminized seeds from a provider, we test the first batch for quality and purchase 2/3000 seeds. When the stock runs low we reorder but DO NOT TEST EVERY BATCH. We assume the quality will be the same as the original order.  When a company has 10/15 varieties constantly ordering and reordering, it is impossible to test every singe batch that comes in.

Sagarmatha has provided a satisfaction garuantee on all her products for more than 14 years and will continue with that policy. Please try to document your results and maintain good contact with us during your projects and we shall do the same.

Please note: all replacement seeds have to be channeled through our English distributors so please allow 1 month for returns.

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Sagarmatha does not ship to the USA.